Shipping & Returns

Shipping Domestic

Shipping is handled by UPS ground shipping where possible. Some US addresses will be delivered via USPS Priority.

Shipping International

International shipping is done via USPS and your local carrier. Contact us if you have further questions.


While Ripper RC has a policy of no refunds, returns or exchanges for any reason, we will always be happy to help if something is wrong. If you received a product damaged in shipping, please reach out to us ASAP via our contact page and we will get you sorted asap. ALL packages are sent with shipping insurance, because we all know how shipping companies can be…

If you have broken, lost, or otherwise need replacement parts not available in our store, or you think that something broke when it shouldn’t have, again, reach out to us via our contact page and we will get you sorted out!! We will happily repair, replace or otherwise help with most issues.

Please note that ALL sales are final, and refunds are not permitted outright but may be granted in limited situations. Eg. “I changed my mind” or “my wife yelled at me for buying this” aren’t very good reasons for a refund.